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You can stamp approx 12 letters

This design is available in kids sizing and adult sizing

Kids recommended age 0-5 years

if child is 6 and over i wuld advise to get the adult sizing

for ages 6-9 age group i do not bend the bar so it is a better fit

advise age on check out


This design can only be stamped one side


FONT; You have two fonts to choose from BOX all upper case and KODA font (pics can be found in photos)


BARE/INKED; You have the choice to ink the pendant after it has been hand hammered. This will make the letters stand out more. Please note over time and in water the ink may start to wear.



IMPORTANT;When filling in the description of what you’d like stamped, the more detail the better. If you’d like a heart in-between names, please write this e.g./ Kirby (heart Mark or Kirby (dot) Mark

If you’d like it blank, leave it blank, e.g. Kirby Mark Noah Jack Koda



Product Description

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Finish: Shiny mirror finish

Measurement: 48mm minimum x 65mm maximum inner diameter 

Thickness: 3mm bangle and 2mm for ID plate



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